May 2016 Institutional Membership Update & News

The PT Pro Bono National Honor Society added Briar Cliff University as our newest institutional member to the honor society. In order to help Briar Cliff in the establishment of their new pro bono PT clinic, the honor society helped pay for part of the travel expenses of Briar Cliff University student Clare Ehlbeck to attend the 2016 Eastern Pro Bono Networking Conference which was at Widener University in March.

Here is a note from Clare:

I am a first year physical therapy student from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, IA. I attended the 2016 Pro Bono Networking Conference at Widener University on a scholarship from the Physical Therapy Pro Bono National Honor Society. As a first year student I didn’t know what to expect, but I found that the experience was educational and motivating. Briar Cliff University is in its first year as a program, so I was looking to learn from the experiences of other students at their established clinics. Their presentations provided me with invaluable information on how to effectively manage a student-run pro bono clinic, and gave me insight on the effects that a pro bono clinic has on students and the community. Numerous students explained how working in their pro bono clinics helped to them feel more confident in their clinical rotations. I am very thankful to have been given this educational opportunity, and am looking forward to integrating the information that I learned at this conference in our pro bono clinic at Briar Cliff University.

Thank you so much!

Clare Ehlbeck

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