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The Chester Community Physical Therapy Clinic’s mission is to simultaneously improve healthcare access to physical therapy services by providing pro bono physical therapy services to the underserved and underinsured populations in the surrounding community while educating a new generation of physical therapists in the areas of competency, character, citizenship, and social responsibility.

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The Chester Community Physical Therapy Clinic (CCPTC) just celebrated our 7th year anniversary! Just 7 years ago, we started out with a building and a few donated plinths. We have expanded over the years through donations and hard work from students, teachers, supervisors, and alumni. We are now open Monday – Thursday 4pm to 7pm and have connected with the University of Philadelphia to provide OT services. We have 100% student involvement and we treat under licensed physical therapists. In the last 7 years, we have documented 5,204 client visits. In just the last two years, we have saved the community $382,991.60. We hope to expand even more this year and connect with the other professional schools of Widener to provide the community with additional pro bono services and gain invaluable student experiences. Nationally, we have began two conferences, one on the west coast and east coast for schools to collaborate on student-run pro bono clinics. Last year we had 27 different schools attend the eastern conference at Widener University and 18 different schools attend the western conference at the University of Utah. In 2017,  the western conference will be hosted by the University of Washington and we hope for an even greater attendance in order to spread and promote student-run pro bono clinics.