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Pro Bono National Honor Society

The mission of the Pro Bono National Honor Society is to recognize those undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate commitment to providing underserved clients and communities with quality physical, occupational, and speech therapy  plus other related fields while maintaining the standards and requirements of their curriculums and their professions. The Pro Bono National Honor Society aims to encourage the development of altruism and social responsibility.


Physical Therapy Clinic

How to Join as an Institutional Member

Any accredited or accreditation candidate therapy school in the United States who provides any type of pro bono therapy services either in their community or internationally is eligible for institutional membership to The Pro Bono National Honor Society. Becoming a new institutional member requires the institution to determine the required hours of service to be nominated and allows the university or college to nominate students for the award. The institution will be acknowledged on the website. Institutions interested in becoming members must submit an institutional application along with the $100.00 annual fee. Institutional applications will be submitted using the New Institutional Membership Form.


Benefits for Student Honorees

Honorees for the Pro Bono National Honor Society will receive: 1) Awards certificate noting the student’s commitment to the community. 2) Optional honor cord to be worn at student’s graduation. The honor cord has a $10 fee for the cord and shipping costs which needs to be paid in advance of shipping. 3) Acknowledgement on the Pro Bono National Honor Society website.


Procedure for Student Nomination

1) Institutional members will determine the required number of pro bono service hours for a student nomination specific to the school’s needs throughout the entire curriculum. 2) Nominations for the  Pro Bono National Honor Society will be submitted by the faculty advisor of the pro bono clinic or equivalent. Nomination forms should be submitted one month before the student’s scheduled graduation date. 3) Nominations will be submitted using the Student Nomination Form.

Pro Bono National Honor Society

Student Travel Scholarships

Congratulations to the University of Evansville which won the travel scholarship to the East Coast Pro Pono Networking Conference. The winner of the scholarship to the West Coast Pro Bono Networking Conference will be selected on 4/1/18. Only members who have not won the scholarship previously will be eligible for the 2018 scholarship.